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4 Reasons Every Teen Should Try HydraFacial

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on May 4, 2021

Being a teen can be so much fun! There’s the prom, the spring formal, debates, and amazing sports and academic opportunities. Wouldn’t you love to be able to enjoy everything high school life has to offer you right now without worrying about your skin? 

While oily skin is the most common complaint, many teens also suffer from uneven skin tone, dark patches, acne, and scarring. Not only are these things a daily annoyance, but they can also take a heavy toll on your self-confidence. High school can be stressful enough without having to deal with embarrassing skin problems. 

Maybe you feel like you have to endure acne and oily skin because you’re a teen, but this is not the case. With HydraFacial you can enjoy clear, beautiful, radiant skin throughout the year— even during school pictures!  


What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a non-invasive, gentle, all-in-one hydra-dermabrasion procedure designed to target clogged pores and uneven skin tone. Here’s how it works:

  • Head to a professional spa that specializes in HydraFacials, like the Resurge Clinic.

  • The licensed esthetician will first do a deep, hydrating clean to open up your pores and wash away dirt and makeup (even if you wash your face every night, some makeup still leaves a slight residue on your skin).

  • Afterward, they’ll exfoliate with a special scrub. This scrub clears away dead skin cells, which may be causing your face to look dull and uneven. At this point, you’ll already be looking and feeling wonderful.

  • This is the cherry on top! Your esthetician will use a special vortex extraction tool to literally suck up all the debris still inside your pores. Clearing the debris from your pores not only leaves your skin looking amazing and prevents acne outbreaks, but it also allows your pores to shrink and become less noticeable.

  • At this point, your skin is ready to soak up all kinds of goodness. We’ll apply intense moisturizers, and we also have extra options, like our growth-factor serum.

  • You go to school with a brighter complexion, healthier skin, and more compliments than you can handle! 

Why Should You Consider Regular HydraFacials?

  • Given our low humidity here in the Texas Panhandle, many teens also deal with dry, flaky skin. You know what I’m talking about: those dry flakes you can hide even with layers of makeup. The intense hydration provided by HydraFacials moisturizes and alleviates dryness, making your skin radiant and healthy. No need for massive amounts of moisturizer (which we all know ends up ruining your makeup before the end of the day.)

  • It’s all too common for teens to deal with excess oiliness. Wouldn’t it be great to ditch the powder? Feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin makes it easier to concentrate on the big things, like your SAT scores.

  • HydraFacials increase the ability of your skin to absorb topical skin-care products. What does this mean for your skin? Well, we offer something called “growth-factor serum,” which causes collagen production to increase. Collagen boosts your skin’s elasticity. This helps your skin recover from severe acne, which results in a reduction of or even elimination of acne scarring later in life

  • Changes in your hormones can cause uneven skin tone. It’s already hard enough to find a foundation to match your skin tone, and it’s even harder to find one effective enough to hide dark spots. The serious exfoliation your skin gets during our HydraFacials can reduce and eliminate unevenness, resulting in beautiful, even-toned skin. Who knows? With regular HydraFacials, you may even be able to skip the foundation.


More Questions? We’ve Got You Covered.

Does a HydraFacial Hurt?

Unlike microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, HydraFacials come with no pain, and little to no downtime. You can schedule a free consultation with us and go to school with gorgeous skin the very next day!

How can this help your oily, acne-prone skin?

HydraFacials deeply cleanse the skin, both clearing up current issues and preventing future breakouts. The unique vortex action clears pores, even addressing severe, cystic acne. A HydraFacial clears your pores in ways an adhesive nose-strip simply cannot. 

How often should I have this done?

While HydraFacials are highly effective treatments, it can take more than one treatment to see the results you would like. In order to both see those results and ensure they continue, it’s highly recommended to schedule regular HydraFacials every month or two, depending on the severity of your skin issues. Consistency is key to maintaining clear, even-toned, beautiful skin.

Look Stunning Every Day with Regular HydraFacials

Your day is packed with activities and you’re constantly on the go. You have tests, friends, parties, and of course, photos. 

Let us help you feel like the confident, amazing person you are on the inside by letting your best skin shine through. HydraFacials are painless, quick (they usually last about 45 minutes), and a great thing to add to your skincare    confident teen girl smilingregimen to make sure your skin looks amazing. This is an easy way to avoid the common skin problems all your friends deal with, increase your confidence, and feel your best. 

At the Resurge Clinic, our team of experts receives quarterly advanced training to stay up-to-date on industry trends. This ensures we always provide you with the best treatments possible. We also work with top brands such as Cynosure, Merz, and Allergan.

You want to love the way you look, and to have the self-confidence to show off your skin. Call and schedule your HydraFacial today, and experience the beautiful skin you deserve. 


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