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7 Skin Care Mistakes That Could Be Damaging Your Skin

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on October 15, 2020

When it comes to our skin care routines, we have the best intentions. We want to take care of our skin and keep it youthful as long as possible. However, even with the best intentions, we can end up sabotaging our skin’s health without even realizing we’re doing it.


Whether you’re male or female, skincare mistakes happen. Taking the time to give your skin a little extra attention doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve put together this quick list of seven skin care mistakes damaging your skin — and how to avoid them.

1.  Using the same skincare routine in your 40s that you used in your 20s

Your skin changes as you age, which means your skincare regime should change with it.  Younger skin tends to be oilier than aged skin. The scrubs we used in our 20s will only work against us in our 40s.

As skin ages, it becomes thinner and dryer. It’s important to steer clear of the harsher astringents, which may cause excessive dryness and premature wrinkles. Alternatively, look for cleansers with a gentle exfoliant and moisturizer. Be sure to adapt your skin care routine to fit your age.

2. Using products not formulated for your skin type

There is no one-size-fits-all product that works on “all skin types.”  If you see a product with this claim, proceed with caution. You could be using a product not suited for your skin’s unique needs and this, in turn, may cause wrinkles and blemishes to become more pronounced over time.

Take the time to find out your exact skin type, and use products specifically formulated for your particular skin’s needs.

3. Using low cost or discount razors

Men, all razors are not created equal. Razors, by design, scrape the skin as they grab hair and lift them up to be cut. This scraping and dragging can, over time, cause your skin to become overly sensitive, dry, blemished, and prematurely aged.

Make sure the razors you use are of good quality to allow a closer shave without irritating your skin.

4. Excessive exfoliation

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that build up over time. New skin cells regenerate when dull rough skin is removed. Unfortunately, exfoliating too much can damage your skin and lower your skin’s ability to fight off environmental toxins.

Excess exfoliation puts your skin at risk for increased sun damage, which can cause premature wrinkles. Be sure to keep your exfoliation routine to a minimum of 2-3 times per week.

5. Forgetting sunscreen or not wearing enough

The most common reason for premature skin aging is from over-exposure to sunlight and UV rays. In fact, sun exposure is responsible for 90% of premature aging and slows down the skin’s natural healing process.

But did you know most UV ray exposure comes from routine activities such as:

  • Driving or riding in a car

  • Sitting near a window at home or the office

  • Walking outside on a cloudy winter day

All of these scenarios can increase your chance of overexposure to UV rays. To boost your chances of preventing wrinkles, wear sunscreen every day of the year, rain or shine, indoors or outdoors.


6. Not moisturizing immediately after cleansing

There’s a 60-second rule at play here. After cleansing your skin, be sure to immediately use an alcohol-free toner and moisturizer within the first minute.

Bare skin is prone to dehydration. The air sucks the moisture out of your pores, and dry skin has an increased chance of premature aging. Complete your regimen quickly to avoid dry, itchy skin.

7. Your beard is not a barrier

You love your beard. You trim it and keep it looking as neat and groomed as possible. However, it’s not a barrier, and the skin underneath needs to be tended to just as regularly as the exposed skin on your face.

Make sure your skin cleansers permeate your beard and reach the skin beneath. It’s also a good idea to use pre-shave oil to moisturize and protect your skin when you have facial hair. Remember, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it can be ignored.

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