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7 Surprising Side Effects Of HydraFacial

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on January 23, 2020

HydraFacial is one of the latest skincare treatments to hit the market. This innovative treatment uses unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate your face, eyes, and lips. There’s even an exfoliator for your body.

Brunette woman receiving a hydrafacial

It has a long list of side effects you have to see to believe…In this article, we’ll explore a few of the most common.

The 7 Biggest Side Effects Of HydraFacial Treatments

1. Smoother Skin 

HydraFacial uses gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing to remove dead skin cells, uncovering a new layer of smoothness. This is especially beneficial for anyone struggling with an uneven complexion.

2. Clearer Skin 

Not only does HydraFacial buff away the dead cells on the surface of your skin, but it also removes debris from pores. HyrdaFacial detoxifies oily and congested skin, leaving it clean and clear with a visible reduction in oil and pore size. Together, all of this results in a clearer complexion.

Is acne a regular concern? There is also an option to use blue LED lights enhancement to target and disrupts bacteria that leads to acne. This helps prevent breakouts before they happen.

3. Softer skin

HydraFacial nourishes your skin with intense moisturizers, including hyaluronic acid. This moisturizer is designed to draw water into the skin and prevent moisture loss. Dry skin is often rough and flaky. Well-moisturized skin, on the other hand, is soft to the touch.

4. Even Complexion 

Your complexion can age you, making you look significantly older than you are. Fortunately, the antioxidants in HydraFacial serums can reduce sunspots and calm inflammation, transforming a spotty and red complexion into a more even tone. 

There are even serums for targeting dark circles under eyes, as well as a red LED light enhancement that adds finishing touch, for maximum glow and radiance.

5. Decreased appearance of wrinkles 

HydraFacial infuses your skin with peptides, proteins scientifically proven to manage wrinkles, producing improved firmness and texture of her face and eyes. The combined effect reverses the signs of aging.

The best part is you get long-lasting results which are significantly more noticeable than over-the-counter retinol creams.

6. Plump smooth lips 

HydraFacial isn’t just for your cheeks and forehead. It actually works on your lips as well! With HydraFacial, you can target your lips with special serums. 

You can even use a light vacuuming to smooth lip texture and get an extra plump. No syringes needed!

7. Regain your confidence 

Best of all, when you get a HydraFacial, you are going to love your results. With visible refinement, and an even, radiant skin tone, you will look and feel refreshed with beautiful skin. 

Plus...3 Bonus Side Effects!

While there are a variety of skincare treatments available to achieve the above results, the majority of them include negative side effects as well. HydraFacial can achieve these amazing benefits without harsh negative side effects, which practically unprecedented in the skincare industry. 

So, we’re listing these three bonus side effects: 3 things you don’t get with HydraFacials. 

Bonus #1 - No discomfort

HydraFacial is a non-laser, non-invasive treatment that uses painless suction—no pinching—to achieve its amazing results. With it’s patented spiral and vacuum technology, patients often compare the sensation to a light massage.

Bonus #2 -No downtime

It will not cause inflammation, rashes, or peeling, as are often seen with other facials or skincare products. With no irritation, you can apply make-up right after. But sun protection is a must.

Bonus #3 -No day wasted

HydraFacial treatment only lasts 30 minutes. So fast you can do it on your lunch break—or take the rest of the day and just enjoy the skin you’re in! 

Want These Same Amazing Side Effects For Your Skin? 

HydraFacials can deliver the radiant, clear, luminous skin you’ve always wanted--and in record time. No wonder it is one of the fastest-growing skincare treatments in the world. 

So why not try one? It’s 30 minutes you won’t regret. Schedule your consultation to get a HydraFacial today.


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