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SculpSure Vs. Fat Freezing: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on May 28, 2020

Stubborn fat you can’t seem to get rid of is more than just annoying. It can leave you feeling less confident, which can affect your career, relationships, and general outlook on life. It can even make you feel embarrassed, defeated, frustrated, and hopeless that you’ll never look and feel how you want. 


This is especially true when you’ve tried everything you can think of to tone your problem areas. Maybe you already eat a balanced diet and work out regularly, but you still can’t seem to look and feel your best. 

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If you’re at your ideal weight and fed up with weight loss strategies that don’t work, there are two proven procedures designed to help destroy fat for good. Thousands of men and women have turned to SculpSure or CoolSculpting to regain their confidence and structure. 


While both may provide similar benefits, there are significant differences between the two. You would probably rather spend that money on something you know works. So which procedure works better?


What you invest in matters, both for results and your wallet. If you want to look and feel your best while losing weight, WarmSculpting with SculpSure is superior to fat freezing. Here’s why.

Fat Freezing Vs WarmSculpting: How They’re Alike

You may have heard of fat freezing on TV or in advertisements. Fat freezing uses a non-invasive freezing device to cause cryolipolysis, which makes fat cells freeze. Fat freezing treatments such as CoolSculpting are FDA approved and give you results in about 3-6 months. 


SculpSure warm sculpting, on the other hand, uses a non-invasive warming device to target and melt away fat cells. Like CoolSculpting, the treatment is FDA approved. Within a few months, you’ll start to notice your problem areas slimming down.


Both treatments:

  • Work to target the stubborn fat in your body that doesn’t go away no matter what you try 
  • Destroy those fat cells permanently so they never come back
  • Do not require surgery or anesthesia, which means they are safer than traditional liposuction
  • Use temperatures to target the fat and break it down, relying on your body’s own lymphatic system to flush out the broken-down fat


The obvious difference is that fat freezing works by using cold temperatures, while WarmSculpting does so using hotter temperatures. 


Does that difference in temperature matter that much? It turns out, yes. While the treatments may seem very similar, the warming technology used in SculpSure is often the best option.

The Differences Between Fat Freezing And WarmSculpting

When compared to WarmSculpting, fat freezing takes longer and comes with more side effects. 


Fat freezing involves suctioning a targeted area of fat between two cooling panels, which might result in a tugging or pulling feeling. It can be painful, sting, or ache at the treatment site, which typically begins soon after the treatment. These side effects can last up to two weeks after treatment possibly because of the intense cold temperatures. 


Fat freezing can also result in: 

  • Temporary redness 
  • Swelling 
  • Bruising 
  • Skin sensitivity at the treatment site


A more serious side effect of fat freezing is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, which occurs mostly in men. This is when the fat cells grow larger compared to smaller. Though more cosmetic than dangerous, the side effect doesn’t disappear on its own.


SculpSure Warm Sculpting uses laser treatment to target and heat fat cells underneath the skin without affecting the skin’s surface. It doesn’t require the same suctioning. As a result, it comes with a 90 percent satisfaction rating and fewer side effects.


Compared to the 25 percent of fat in a given area that fat freezing can target, SculpSure can destroy up to 43 percent of fat cells in a given treatment area. The process itself takes less than 30 minutes compared to up to two hours for fat freezing and because SculpSure uses heat and not cold, it doesn’t result in the same numbness, tingling, or lasting pain.

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