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The 7 Best Skincare Practices For Summer

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on May 7, 2020


It’s hard to believe summer is almost here. With how long and complicated the last few months have been, it has felt like vacation season would never come. Whether your favorite trip destinations are open again or not, you want to make the most out of the next few months. And this includes giving your skin the care and nurture it needs.  


As the weather changes, your skincare regimen needs to change, too. So what can you do to look your absolute best all summer long? Follow the 7 tips below to keep your skin soft, dewy, and protected from those harsh summer rays.


1. Ditch The Heavy Moisturizers.

During winter and spring, your skin tends to dry out. To manage this, most people apply extra moisturizers and night creams.

As summer approaches, however, it’s time to lighten things up. You’ll want to use less rich moisturizers to prevent your skin from getting too oily.

Our recommendation: Start your day with Olay Regenerist Wisp and, after a gentle rinse in the evenings, finish with ZO Skin Health’s Renewal Creme

2.Make Sure Your Skincare Products Include Sunscreen.

When summer rolls around, it’s safe to say you will be spending more time outdoors. This makes sunscreen more important than ever. 

Even spending just 30 minutes outside without any sunscreen puts you at a higher risk of developing a sunburn and, potentially, dangerous skin cancers like melanoma.

Our recommendation: 30 minutes before you head out the door, apply ZO Skin Health’s Sheer Broad Spectrum SPF 50. If you wear makeup, choose a foundation containing SPF 30 or higher.

3.Invest In A Vitamin C Serum.

Vitamin C creams and serums are a necessity in an anti-aging skincare regimen. Vitamin C has been proven to:

  • Brighten your complexion
  • Reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots
  • Even out your skin tone
  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Prevent skin sagging

Vitamin C is even more essential in the summer when our skin takes the most damage from harsh UV rays and drying breezes.


Our recommendation: This vitamin C serum from InstaNatural contains hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, sea buckthorn oil, and plant stem cells—all of which reduce the appearance of fine lines and brighten up your skin.

4. Take Shorter, Cooler Showers. 

Nothing feels better after a long day than taking a nice hot shower. Unfortunately, hot water dries out your skin, which is an even bigger predicament during the summer. 


Because your skin is dry, you’ll need to apply thick moisturizers to restore skin moisture. These can make your skin produce too much oil, which can lead to greasy hair and clogged pores.


Instead, try to take a cool or lukewarm shower for 15-20 minutes. Not only will this keep your skin healthy during the warmer months, but it will also give you a chance to cool off from the heat.


Our recommendation: Immediately after your shower or bathe, apply a fine moisturizer to help lock in hydration. Vaseline’s Hand & Body Spray provides a sheer, lightweight layer of protection from dryness. 

5. Drink More Water.

While this may not seem like a skincare tip, drinking water may have an impact on your skin health. Our bodies need water to keep cells, organs, and tissues operating at their best. Water is also necessary for temperature regulation and maintaining other bodily functions.


In summer, it’s more important to drink water because we lose a significant amount of hydration through sweat. Drinking water can help you stay cool, which prevents breakouts and clogged pores. It can even prevent skin wrinkling.


Our recommendation: Use this free calculator to find out exactly how much water your body needs every day. Then, start the day off with a glass of water and replace sugary drinks with unsweetened, flavored water.

6. Get A Facial.

Facials are one of the best ways to restore skin balance, and they’re even more beneficial as the weather changes. During the summer, facials can help your skin lock in moisture without becoming greasy. They can also protect your skin from summer damage.


Ideally, you will want to choose a facial designed to cleanse and balance the skin, rather than a deeply hydrating facial. If you prefer at-home masks, charcoal, green tea, and chamomile are recommended for the summer months.


Our recommendation: You can never go wrong with a HydraFacial. It’s designed for every skin type and moisturizes while cleansing, leaving you with soft, bright skin.

7. Tan Wisely. 

Whether you’re at the beach, the pool, or your back yard, it’s tempting to lounge outside for the perfect tan. However, considering the deadly risks of UV light, you should avoid tanning outdoors this summer. Tanning booths are just as dangerous, and they’re often costly.


So what’s your alternative? If you want a tan, go for peptides, not UV light. The peptide Melanotan II causes your body to produce and release melanin, which leads to darker skin. It has even been linked to a reduction in the risk of melanoma and skin damage.


Our recommendation: Because it can take as little as 3 weeks to notice the full benefits of peptides, schedule your consultation sooner rather than later. 

Look (And Feel) Your Best This Summer

The last few months have been challenging. Chances are, you’re ready for a little normalcy. Summer is the perfect time to de-stress and get back in touch with nature. And with The Resurge Clinic, you can enjoy it and every season afterward to the fullest.

A happy young couple is having fun to apply a sunscreen or sun tanning lotion to take care of their skin

At The Resurge Clinic, we offer a full selection of ZO Skin Health products, HydraFacials, peptides, injectables, and much more to help you feel your very best every day. We understand how frustrating skin problems can be, and we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect treatments within your budget.


Schedule a free skincare analysis today, and let our team of experts help you regain your confidence and your youthful beauty.


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