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The Best Skincare Practices For Fall

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on October 3, 2019

It’s time to pack away the swimsuits and sunblock, pool floaties, and beach towels. Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and the chill of fall is in the air. Soon we’ll be breaking out the skeletons and ghosts, and start flavoring everything (even things we shouldn’t) with pumpkin spice. 

When the seasons change, our diets and weekend plans change as well. If you’re like most people, however, your skincare routine probably remains the same. You use the same products and makeup in autumn that you use in summer—or fall, for that matter. And there’s nothing wrong with that, right?



Well, the change in weather might not seem like it has a significant impact on your skin health, but it can actually lead to a number of skincare problems, from dryness to excessive oil. So how should you update your routine to protect your skin health? Follow these tips!:

1. Switch Up Your Cleanser

The summer humidity likely filled your pores with excess oil, especially in the deeper levels of your skin. When the weather changes and the air begins to get dryer, this oil starts to solidify, creating a dull layer of skin that can make you look tired and sallow. 

The first thing you need to do is exfoliate away the top layer of skin so you can effectively clean out the oil trapped underneath. Look for a gentle, moisturizing exfoliating cleanser to strip away the dead summer skin, revealing a glowing complexion just in time for the holiday season.

Your day-to-day cleanser may need to be replaced as well. Even in drier climates, summertime is still more humid than winter. Your skin has enjoyed months of more moisture in the air, along with warmth. 

As the air begins to get drier, so will you! This means you’ll want to change from your summer cleanser to a cream-based cleanser more appropriate for dry weather. In addition to updating your cleanser, you’ll see the best results if you switch to a gentler toner so your natural oils aren’t stripped away.


2. It's Time To Moisturize 

In the cooler weather, moisturizing is a must. Your lightweight moisturizer from July won’t cut it and will likely leave you with dry, flaky skin. You need a rich moisturizer to penetrate deeper into the skin, providing all-day hydration.

Replace your daily lotion with a more intensely moisturizing and hydrating day cream. You’ll want to ensure the SPF rating is 15 or more to continue to protect your skin from UV damage. Just because it’s not hot doesn’t mean the sun isn’t still out to get you. 

Don’t forget to also replace your night cream with something more moisturizing—even better if it contains collagen. Another tip: As part of your routine, consider upping your water intake to help replenish dry skin all over your body.


3. Do Some Spring/Fall Cleaning 

Many of us are frugal by nature. If we invest a lot in our skincare regimen, we want to use up every drop before we buy new products. Unfortunately, bacteria love slightly damp makeup sponges, the tips of foundation bottles, and dirty makeup brushes. Using old makeup products can end up being more expensive than replacing them with newer, cleaner products.

What Harm Can Dirty Brushes or Old Makeup Really Do?

  • They can give you a staph infection. One Australian woman contracted a staph infection that left her paralyzed after sharing her friend’s makeup brush.
  • They can spread pinkeye. Pinkeye is caused by a few different kinds of common bacteria. It’s extremely contagious and very uncomfortable. Definitely something you want to avoid.
  • You may have more breakouts. If you’re struggling with unexplained breakouts especially, that can be a big sign that your makeup or your brushes have been contaminated.
  • Dirty brushes can cause skin irritation. From a practical standpoint, dirty brushes are stiffer than a clean, new brush, and can cause small abrasions to the skin. That can lead to breakouts, irritation, and can also make you more susceptible to the bacteria that may be on your brush.

Your foundation and concealer, as well as anything that goes near your eyes, should be replaced every three to six months. Dermatologists also recommend you clean your makeup brushes and sponges at least once a week and replace them every three months.

Buying new skincare products can be frustrating, but there’s another benefit to swapping out your spring makeup products. Along with moisturizer and cleansers, your foundation should also be creamier and more hydrating in the fall. And consider skipping the powder—it absorbs moisture, which we do not need when it’s cold and dry outside.


4. Don't Forget Your Hands & Feet 

When it comes to moisturizing, your extremities are often overlooked. But hydrating your hands and feet is especially important in the fall months—unless dry, cracked heels and patchy knuckles are your preferred autumn look.

You don’t need to buy special lotions for your hand and your feet. Any high quality, rich moisturizer will do the trick! It’s also a good idea to invest in cuticle oil, as the fine skin around your fingernails is especially prone to cracking in the colder weather.

Love The Skin You're In-Every Day Of The Year!

With all of our fall preparations, like pumpkins and leaves and pie, it just makes sense to include your skincare routine. You prepare your home for the crisp, cool weather. Prepare your body, too!             woman practicing her skin care routine

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Whether you want to melt away wrinkles, brighten your complexion, or keep your skin as healthy as possible, our team of passionate experts will help you love the way you look, from autumn to spring and everything in between.


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