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The O-Shot for feminine rejuvenation

The O-Shot: Helping Women Feel Sexy & Confident

Age, hormonal fluctuations, childbirth, and other chronic health conditions can all take a toll on your body. As a result, as many as 30-50% of women find sex less enjoyable or even uncomfortable. They may experience embarrassing problems such as:

  • Bladder leakage
  • Decreased libido and sensitivity
  • Reduced ability to orgasm
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Chronic pain from childbirth, scars, or interstitial cystitis

Fortunately, the Orgasm Shot (O-Shot) can help reduce these symptoms so you can experience satisfying sex again.

The O-Shot is a non-surgical treatment designed to rejuvenate vaginal tissue, enhance sensitivity, reduce dryness, and more. Because the shot contains plasma-rich platelets from your own body, it is virtually painless and doesn’t result in allergic reactions.

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How The O-Shot Addresses Bladder Leakage & Sexual Enjoyment Problems

Similar to ThermiVa, the O-Shot stimulates the vaginal area to produce new, younger tissue. The results are often immediate and last up to 18 months; additionally, the entire treatment takes less than 10 minutes!

Only physicians who have been specially trained to administer the O-Shot and are listed on the O-Shot Directory, including Dr. Wusterhausen, are licensed to offer the treatment.

The O-Shot helps:

  • Reduce or eliminate symptoms of bladder leakage
  • Enhance libido and sexual desire
  • Improve vaginal sensitivity
  • Improve vaginal lubrication
  • Decrease pain during intercourse
  • Create a tighter vaginal opening
  • Improve your ability to achieve stronger, more intense, more frequent orgasms

Enjoy Sex Again With The O-Shot At The Resurge Clinic

At The Resurge Clinic, we know how critical a healthy, active sex life can be for your self-confidence. We understand the impact of unsatisfying sex goes much deeper than a poor date night.

The Resurge Clinic has helped women regain their confidence, enhance their sexual stamina, and restore their quality of life. Dr. Wusterhausen is one of the only doctors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex to trained under Dr. Red Alinsod, a renown O-Shot specialist. He lives the wellness lifestyle and truly believes in its results.
Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wusterhausen today and discover how the O-Shot can revive your sex life.

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