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Debunking the Top Ozone Therapy Myths

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on September 21, 2021

If you struggle with a compromised immune system or are looking for a way to fight off infectious diseases and other medical conditions, you’ve probably heard of ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy uses ozone gas (O3) to disrupt unhealthy processes in the body, which helps you treat disease and heal infection. This treatment has been studied as a treatment option for those with autoimmune disorders, breathing disorders, and diabetes

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Topics: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Ozone Therapy

A Guide To Injectables For Men & Women Over 40

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on September 14, 2021

Many men and women over 40 today are doing everything in their power to keep their skin looking healthy and youthful, but this is often easier said than done—especially when wrinkles and age spots start to pop up.

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Topics: Skin Care

7 Things Every Woman Should Do After She Turns 40

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on September 7, 2021

Thanks to advancements in health and wellness, people are living longer and fuller lives than ever before. But we can still be hard on ourselves as we age. 

Age may be just a number, but we often let it do a number on our minds! Remember turning 10? It was so exciting. It felt so good, so grown up. Double digits! But for most, this feeling of pride at turning another year older didn’t last into adulthood. After 21, the excitement turned to agitation. 

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Topics: Sexual Health, SculpSure, Women’s Health, HydraFacial

5 Skin Problems You Can Treat With Peptides

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on August 31, 2021

The search for flawless, youthful skin is ongoing. As we age, our skin changes. But just because we’re getting older doesn’t mean we have to settle for frustrating wrinkles and age spots.

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Topics: Skin Care, Peptides

6 Symptoms Of Getting Older You Can Treat With Peptides

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on August 24, 2021


Getting older comes with a lot of unwanted side effects, from physical changes like graying hair and wrinkles to mental changes like a decrease in cognitive function. When you get into your 40s and later, you might find it hard to recognize the person you see in the mirror, especially when you still feel young on the inside!

Many people come to accept the problems that come with aging. They push through the wrinkles, thinning hair, and brain fog, believing there’s nothing they can do about them. But there is an alternative.

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Topics: Peptides

7 Skin Care Mistakes That Could Be Damaging Your Skin

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on August 17, 2021

When it comes to our skin care routines, we have the best intentions. We want to take care of our skin and keep it youthful as long as possible. However, even with the best intentions, we can end up sabotaging our skin’s health without even realizing we’re doing it.

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Topics: Beauty, Skin Care

Could Peptides Help Improve Your Libido?

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on August 3, 2021

Low sex drive is a frustrating problem that can affect many aspects of your life, for both men and women. But there is hope.

Every day, amazing new discoveries are made in the world of health and wellness, leading to additional options for treatment beyond the traditional pharmaceutical industry. One such treatment that has emerged on the cutting-edge is peptides.

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Topics: Men’s Health, Sexual Health, Women’s Health

7 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on July 27, 2021

When the warm weather finally returns, it’s natural to want to get outside, bask in the summer sun, and soak up some Vitamin D – especially after a long, cold winter of heavy clothes. 

But too much sun can be risky to your skin and your health. Ultraviolet rays are the #1 cause of skin cancer. In addition, overexposure to the sun can cause:

  • Sunburn
  • Eye damage
  • Premature wrinkles

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Topics: Beauty, Skin Care

The 7 Best Skincare Practices For Summer

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on July 20, 2021


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Topics: Beauty, Skin Care, Peptides

Better Together: Why Men Should Get Both PulseWave & The Penile PRP Shot

Posted by Dr. Kris Wusterhausen on July 13, 2021


Erectile Disfunction and performance issues don’t just make sex less enjoyable. They can tear down your confidence, make you question your masculinity, and even cause problems in your relationship.

Whether it’s age, diabetes, low testosterone, or Peyronie’s Disease, struggling to get and maintain an erection is frustrating. It can be hard to talk about, but it’s not something you have to live with. There are plenty of options for dealing with ED or performance issues. 

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Topics: Men’s Health, Sexual Health